The universality and convenience of two-dimensional code card swipe machine for public transport

At present, most cities in China are equipped with two-dimensional code card reader. With the vigorous development of high technology, intelligent management has entered people's social life to meet the needs of the information age. As a new enterprise management mode, it must meet the needs of current and future development in function to avoid being eliminated by the times.
The public transport card swipe machine has fully covered most of the domestic public transport routes, and the coin payment has become the past mobile payment method, which has brought convenience and also penetrated into the payment of everyone. From the first and second tier cities to the third, fourth and fifth and sixth tier cities, the popularity of the two-dimensional code public transport charging system has almost covered the whole country, This can also reflect the public's rapid acceptance of new things, and pave the way for the implementation of face recognition public transport card swiping machine. The function of the new card swiping machine not only retains the current card swiping code scanning function, but also the face recognition function will be added. In the near future, the face recognition two-dimensional code card swiping machine will be able to provide services for the public.

Generally speaking, convenient and fast payment methods are more popular for users, and payment has gradually become a just need of life. QR code has penetrated into thousands of households, become a necessary product for people who can't leave their hands, and gradually become the spokesman of the times. Whether it's cash payment or electronic payment, the premise of optimization is user-centered, Its optimization focus is around more and more convenient and fast open, the ultimate goal is to facilitate the use of the crowd.

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